Today’s JewelSuite™ 6 Subsurface Modeling software, developed jointly by Shell and Baker Hughes, gives you the intuitive modeling capabilities you’ve been waiting on for years—at an affordable price.

It’s fast. No antiquated workflows to weigh you down.

It’s precise. Our patented gridding technology lets you model even the most complex geology accurately.

It’s powerful. You can run multiple scenarios at a time.

Re-designed to meet the needs of today’s oil and gas industry, JewelSuite 6 Subsurface Modeling enables users to rapidly build geological models and run multiple scenarios in complex settings giving them a deeper understanding of the subsurface and enabling better decisions on field development.

The precise modeling capability of the JewelSuite 6 Subsurface Modeling software is enabled by a patented gridding technology, which provides an efficient alternative to pillar and stair-step gridding technologies. The JewelGrid™ gridding and meshing algorithm enables modeling of complex geological structures, such as intricate fault systems, unconformities, and salt intrusions, without sacrificing structural detail. Complex reservoir models can be updated and modified easily with new well information or alternative geological scenarios.

JewelSuite 6 Subsurface Modeling software is built on the JewelEarth™ 6 software platform, which enables true integration among all JewelSuite applications and seamless connectivity with existing industry technology. It also enables companies to rapidly build and connect custom plug-ins, smart tools and methods to the software application using a software development kit to extend and enrich their workflows. This extensibility enables oil and gas companies to use the best software tools in the market to achieve greater performance from the reservoir.


JewelSuite Subsurface Modeling

Modeling complex structures doesn’t have to be complicated. Baker Hughes JewelSuite™ Subsurface Modeling software lets you...

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