Who doesn’t want to reduce non-productive drilling time or have the information necessary for fast decision making during the drilling process? Our experience shows that with the use of a geomechanical model, major geomechanical issues can be mitigated, cost can be decreased significantly and drilling time may be reduced up to 50%.

Baker Hughes has been improving wellbore stability through the use of our industry leading geomechanics software for more than two decades.

Geomechanical models provide a better understanding of the rock mechanical properties, stresses, pore pressure and fracture gradient, and delivers valuable information to better predict safe mud weights, casing design and wellbore orientation. Our geomechanics workflows enable you to combine accurate 1D well centric analysis, 3D reservoir centric modeling, and 4D full field simulations.

To simulate the complex and time-dependent behavior of your reservoir over the life of the field, JewelSuite GeoMechanics offers a robust, single environment for integrated reservoir modeling and simulation. It lets you quickly build realistic, high-resolution, 3D finite-element models of reservoirs and overburdens allowing you to minimize risk and enhance reserves.

From 1D well centric analysis, 3D reservoir centric modeling, to 4D reservoir centric simulations, JewelSuite GeoMechanics can help you ease the pressure and stress on your next project.


JewelSuite™ 4D GeoMechanics

The Baker Hughes JewelSuite 4D GeoMechanics software allows you to minimize risk and enhance reserves by simulating...


JewelSuite™ 3D GeoMechanics

As a drilling engineer responsible for controlling cost and reducing risk, you need to optimize your well plans and proactively prevent potential rock...


JewelSuite™ PressCheck™

JewelSuite PressCheck well-centric geomechanical modeling software provides a proven workflow to calculate geomechanical models...


JewelSuite™ WellCheck™

As a drilling engineer, you are looking for ways to drill wells with lighter mud weights, fewer casing strings, optimum wellbore trajectory...


JewelSuite™ RT (Real-Time) WITSML Add-In

JewelSuite RT is an add-in to Baker Hughes JewelSuite software that provides a new workflow to access real-time WITSML drilling...

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