Baker Hughes and CGG Strengthen Business Alliance
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Magnitude: Effective Integrated Microseismic Solutions

Magnitude, a joint venture created by Baker Hughes and CGG, delivers industry leading technology to characterize complex reservoirs, identify stimulated risks, and optimize well placement and completion design to improve well economics and increase production.

Magnitude works closely with CGG’s surface team to provide complete microseismic interpretation, including monitoring, processing, and visualization, as well as permanent monitoring to improve well economics. This partnership strengthens the capabilities of Baker Hughes and CGG in unconventional resource plays and other surveillance applications.

Our geophysicists have over 20 years of microseismic experience in processing and problem-solving for hydraulic fracturing, injection, stability, subsidence, and structural monitoring. Magnitude has locations in the US, Latin America, and France to serve the customer needs globally. Our skilled engineers and experienced crews in Baker Hughes and CGG acquisition groups successfully record microseismic data around the world using industry-leading tools and recording systems.

The complete offering of our microseismic solutions enables our customers to maximize their understanding of fracing, in turn optimizing their production. We offer our services in both real time and later with reprocessing.

For more information about our microseismic processing services, please call us or send us an e-mail.

  • Downhole Microseismic Service

    Downhole Microseismic Service

    Our service effectively maps the acoustic emissions from the rock’s slipping and breaking as the hydraulic fluid is pressure injected into the reservoir. Book more reserves.