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Baker Hughes offers you the chance to achieve your career goals. In our high-performance culture, we’ll expect a lot from you. Beside first-class training and development opportunities, you can expect comprehensive rewards.

Compensation varies according to your role and the region in which you’re located. Your salary, which will be competitive with the current local market, will be reviewed regularly to ensure we’re compensating you correctly. We also may pay you an allowance depending on working conditions or increasing responsibility.

We’ll include financial and other benefits in a total reward package that reflects how much we value all of our employees.

We understand that your priorities can shift as you grow and develop so, as a company, we provide the flexibility to accommodate your life changes.

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The training I’ve received here has been great, and the amount I learn from others while on the job has been a real revelation. The more formal training is also excellent. The more I undertake, the more I want to learn!
Hamid, Field Engineer, USA

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