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Control it. Confirm it. Ream it.
With superior speed and reliability.

Your reamer system should help you enlarge your wellbore to the desired diameter with maximum efficiency and reliability. The only problem is most of the conventional systems aren't really that efficient or that reliable.

Many of them necessitate multiple reaming runs because they can only be activated once or twice. Others limit placement in the BHA or force you to artificially restrict drilling parameters like fluid pressures prior to deployment. And the best you can do to confirm blade activation is perform a shoulder test but even that won’t confirm that all the blades are deployed to the proper gauge.

You need a smarter reaming solution. You need the GaugePro™ Echo on-command digital reamer.

The GaugePro Echo reamer, the industry's only on-command digital reamer, lets you:

  • CONTROL and adjust the reamer’s actions at all times with no limits on activation/deactivation cycles.
  • CONFIRM reamer activation and the blades' position throughout the process without shoulder tests or tripping out of the hole.
  • REAM the hole to the desired size—within 15 ft (4.6 m) of TD—with superior quality, speed, and confidence.

Don't expect "dumb" reamers to provide the performance you need. Contact us today to learn more about how GaugePro Echo on-command digital reamers deliver efficient, reliable performance that you can count on.

Case Histories

First Indonesia Dual GaugePro Echo Main and Near-bit Reamers Drilled to TD in One Run, Saved Two-Day Trip

An operator required a lean casing profile on a vertical exploration well drilled through a challenging soft formation offshore Indonesia...


Dual GaugePro Echo On-Command Digital Reamers Reduced Rathole, Drilled to TD in One Run, Saved 3 Days Rig Time

During a recent run in the Brage field, an operator faced issues with wellbore...


GaugePro Echo Digital Reamer Addressed Formation Composition to Drill Record Run

A 16-in. by 17½-in. section was kicked off in the stratigraphic subdivision called the Hordaland Group...


GaugePro Echo Reamer Saved Customer 30 Hours and USD 1.5 Million

In a challenging deepwater well in the Gulf of Mexico, the operator needed a long-lasting, reliable expandable reamer to enlarge its wellbore...


The GaugePro Echo Reamer Worked with Wired Drill Pipe to Enable Cost-effective, Reliable Well Placement

An operator in Norway was drilling a 14½-in. section, but struggled to pull the bottomhole assembly (BHA) out of the hole after reaching...


GaugePro Echo On-command Digital Reamer Eliminated 181-ft Rathole

A challenging deepwater drilling application required enlarging a 12¼-in. pilot hole to 14½-in. through hard and abrasive...



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