That’s almost 1,900 miles—the distance from North Dakota to south Texas—where two of the most prolific unconventional plays in the U.S. are found.

Since its launch in 2012, the AutoTrak Curve system has drilled hundreds of onshore wells in these and other unconventional reservoirs in North America. High buildup rates (up to 15°/100 ft) let you drill deeper, hit the reservoir earlier, and increase wellbore exposure in the sweet spot.

A gamma ray detector integrated near the bit enables precise geosteering. In one run, you get smooth curves, straight tangents, and better hole quality for more effective fracturing operations and higher production rates.


AutoTrak Curve High Buildup Rate Rotary
Steerable System

Smooth, fast runs in development drilling operations


Case Histories

AutoTrak Curve RSS Saves More Than 6 Days Rig Time and USD 400,000

An operator drilling with conventional, mudmotor BHAs in the Oklahoma’s South Central Oklahoma Oil Province (SCOOP) area contacted Baker Hughes to improve...


AutoTrak Curve RSS Improves Drilling Performance, Reduces Days on Well 19% in Only 12 Months

A client operating in the US Mid-Continent region sought to improve drilling performance on rigs operating in the Mississippi Lime shale formation...

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