Delivering safe and environmentally sound deepwater wells is not a choice. It is a requirement. It is a responsibility. And it takes commitment.

The Cytadel ZX™ electronically-actuated packer provides a gas-tight annular seal to protect against dangerous sustained casing pressure (SCP) build-up caused by compromised cement. The packer creates a secondary barrier that eliminates gas migration and decreases the likelihood of SCP-related blowouts. Remote actuation saves hours of rig time, and the V0-rated ZX seal eliminates SCP bleed-off operations for reduced production interruptions and lower operational costs over time.

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The Cytadel ZX™ electronically-actuated packer
Minimizing offshore wellbore construction risks

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Cytadel ZX Electronically-Actuated Packer

Eliminate SCP and reduce the risk of blowouts


Cytadel ZX Electronically-Actuated Packer

The Baker Hughes Cytadel ZX™ electronicallyactuated packer is a gas-tight, annular casing packer with an electronic trigger mechanism used to provide a new...


Case Histories

Cytadel ZX Electronically-Actuated Packer Eliminated SCP and Reduced HSE Risk

An offshore operator near Sakhalin Island, Russia had experienced fluid loss on several wells in the area during completions, resulting in inconsistent cement jobs...

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