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Long laterals. One-run intervals. Tough formations. You're demanding more from your drilling equipment than ever before, with more robust motors, more weight and more torque putting immense strain on your BHA. And your drill bit often fails first, costing you trips and BHA replacements.

But what if you had a bit that could survive and thrive in the most extreme drilling operations?

The Dynamus™ extended-life drill bit enables you to keep drilling while using the most robust drilling equipment available. It protects your sensitive BHA components and your hole-quality by mitigating lateral vibrations. Its cutters are designed to prevent premature cracking and wear. And it offers a new body engineered for long life in extreme operations.

Contact us today to find out how you can finally get the bit your horsepower deserves.

Case Histories

Dynamus Extended-life Drill Bit Saved 2.3 Days of Drilling Time

An operator drilling the upper Meramec formation in Blaine County, Oklahoma was having trouble...


Dynamus Extended-life Drill Bit with StayTrue Technology Increased ROP 32%

An operator working in Midland County, Texas was drilling the 12-1/4-in. vertical intermediate section...



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