Our selection process

Step by step to joining Baker Hughes

1. Online application

  • Select the program of interest and review the information to determine if this is an opportunity for which you are qualified
  • Click on the Apply Now button to view the list of opportunities and the locations in which the roles are based
  • Select the opportunity in the country in which you are eligible to work. If you meet the criteria, follow the instructions to complete an online application. Answer all relevant questions and attach your CV and any additional documents.

Remember, you should only apply to those positions where you have the legal right to work without restrictions.

2. Video interview

We’ll review your application against predetermined criteria and if you meet them, you’ll receive an invite from HireVue to take a pre-recorded digital interview in which you will record replies to the questions online.

3. English test

Your video interview will be reviewed and your competencies assessed against the requirements of the role. If successful you will join our Talent pool. (At this stage in a country where English is not the native language, you will be invited to take an online English test. If you score above level 5 on a standard global English test you will qualify for the final Talent pool.)

4. Assessment

You will be invited to a final assessment event where you will learn more about the opportunities at Baker Hughes whilst demonstrating your abilities through various assessments.

5. Offer

If you’re successful, you will be offered a position immediately (subject to clearing pre-employment checks) for a start date decided as soon as you graduate/are available. You will then be put in contact with your future colleagues at Baker Hughes who will keep in touch.

New ways of thinking are important to Baker Hughes because they provide a platform for inclusion and diversity in our company.

Mariano Gargiulo – Vice President, Wireline Services