Opportunities in Supply Chain

Supply chain within Baker Hughes is a multinational team in our manufacturing and supply chain facilities who deliver products and services to our customers in more than 80 countries.

This team is responsible for the integration of supply and demand management across the company which includes providing the following strategies and services to our customer in the most timely and efficient method:

  • planning and forecasting the short and long-term demand of our raw materials or services
  • negotiating with suppliers, third-party service providers, and customers to buy raw materials, components, and services at the highest quality, lowest cost, and least amount of lead-time
  • transforming raw materials into products and services needed for our customers and
  • distributing the raw materials or finished product from our suppliers to our customers or from our manufacturing facilities to our customers in the most cost effective and compliant manner.

We offer two distinct routes for graduates in this area – a 2.5-year Leadership program, or a 1- year Technical fast-track program.

Leadership track

You will need to have a minimum GPA of 2.75 with

  • A 4-year undergraduate or higher degree in mechanical, industrial or manufacturing engineering, or an applied science (e.g. engineering technology), or
  • Any undergraduate degree with a Master’s degree in supply chain, logistics or business administration.

You will also need to be globally mobile and willing to relocate.

How will I benefit?

Our goal is to provide you a well-balanced experience within our supply chain organisation and to develop your leadership skills.

You will experience all aspects of our work in a structured 2.5-year program that will additionally require American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS) © CPIM© (Certified in Production and Inventory Management) and LEAN manufacturing certifications. Our program will provide you exposure to strategies and projects related to

  • Demand and supply planning
  • Sales and Operations planning
  • Procurement, strategic sourcing and supplier management
  • Manufacturing processes and cell governance
  • Logistics and distribution
  • Quality, safety, compliance, finance and performance management
  • Continuous Improvement.

You will also have the opportunity to take on an international assignment.

What will I do?

Supply chain essentially involves four key elements – put simply, these are

  • Planning (strategy and forecasting)
  • Buying (procurement and sourcing)
  • Making (manufacturing and maintenance)
  • Moving (logistics and distribution).

Your training will expose you to all of these activities in a sequence of five 6-month assignments that will enable you to develop your skills and knowledge in a predictable way, starting with Planning in our Materials & Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) team. The next stage will see you moving into a geomarket procurement, manufacturing procurement or strategic sourcing role that will give you the chance to experience the Buying function.

With a transition into manufacturing (Making), you will start in the LEAN manufacturing team and use this training to achieve your LEAN certification. Then you will have the opportunity to take on a supervisory role within our manufacturing organisation, where you will lead a team. Finally, your last 6 months will involve logistics and distribution management (Moving).

One of these segments will see you taking on a demanding international assignment to broaden your global knowledge.

During these five rotations, you will also be assigned elective projects in finance, quality, compliance and safety so you have a solid understanding of our organizational requirements for these functions.

Your development and progress will be continuously assessed after each 6-month assignment for continuation within the program.

What is Baker Hughes looking for?

For this program, we’re looking for candidates with potential who aspire to take responsibility. You need to be able to cope under pressure, deal with complex issues, and appreciate the wider business perspective of your activities.

We want candidates who are technically knowledgeable, but who are also energised and eager to learn. The most successful candidates will be those with business acumen, who can see the commercial importance of supply chain to our business.

You should only apply if you are prepared to work hard and perform to the best of your abilities, demonstrating that you have initiative and self-motivation. Since much of our work is collaborative, you will also need strong interpersonal and communication skills.


Technical fast-track

Who is eligible?

With a minimum GPA of 2.75, you will need a 4-year undergraduate or higher degree in supply chain, logistics, or business administration. You must be willing to travel, as business requires.

How will I benefit?

Baker Hughes needs technical experts, so our 1-year program aims to develop you into a highly competent professional with significant strength in one of the key areas of supply chain.

At the end of the program, you will have completed relevant qualifications required to help you develop within your area of expertise.

What will I do?

Supply chain essentially involves four key elements – put simply, these are

  • Planning (strategy and forecasting)
  • Buying (procurement and sourcing)
  • Making (manufacturing and maintenance)
  • Moving (logistics and distribution).

Depending on your location and area of specialty, the Technical fast-track program provides opportunities within one of these elements.

For example, if your focus is logistics, you will gain experience and knowledge in

  • Logistics operations
  • Supplier management
  • Trade compliance
  • Finance and spend management
  • Order management.

In this area, you will have the opportunity to complete the American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS) © Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution (CLTD) © Credential Program.

Technical experts in other disciplines – for instance manufacturing engineering, sourcing or materials management – will be expected to achieve similar professional qualifications.

What is Baker Hughes looking for?

We’re looking for candidates who already have significant technical competencies. You must be motivated to gain further in-depth expertise in a specific area, and be willing to work hard to achieve your ambitions.

You will need to be committed, creative, and able to work well in a diverse team. You’ll also be a good problem-solver and possess strong communication and interpersonal skills.

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