The next generation of fully integrated geological modeling, reservoir engineering, and geomechanical modeling applications that delivers accurate results at a more affordable price is here. Built on the JewelEarth™ Platform, the JewelSuite™ 6 software enables collective, collaborative, knowledge-sharing so you are able to make the best decisions about you assets to create more value from the reservoir.

Subsurface Modeling

With JewelSuite™ 6 Subsurface Modeling, Baker Hughes Reservoir Software takes a bold first step. Working in partnership with Shell, we have re-designed the JewelSuite software to deliver applications that are both functional and affordable to meet the needs of today’s asset teams. Rapidly build accurate models and run multiple scenarios to determine the best course of action for your projects. The modern intuitive user interface, automatic and semi-automatic workflows, and built-in smart rules accelerates the learning curve for new users, reduces the risk of errors, and decreases the time required to complete projects.

Geomechanical Modeling

The JewelSuite™ 6 GeoMechanics application creates powerful models that allow you to predict and mitigate drilling and production problems. Each application can be used independently or as part of advanced integrated geomechanical workflows from 1D well-centric models to 3D reservoir-centric models, 3D fault slip analysis and 4D full-field finite-element geomechanical simulations; all within a single interface.

Flexibility and Connectivity

Built on the highly productive JewelEarth 6 Platform, the JewelSuite 6 software offers true integration among all JewelSuite applications, and easy connectivity with your existing technology. The JewelEarth 6 SDK enables you to quickly and easily deliver new technology, independent of any existing JewelSuite applications. Supported by a well-documented API, the software development kit (SDK) enables any subsurface software development team to rapidly build and connect custom smart tools and methods to extend and enrich workflows.


JewelSuite™ Subsurface Modeling

Modeling complex structures doesn’t have to be complicated. Baker Hughes JewelSuite Subsurface Modeling software lets you quickly...


JewelSuite™ GeoMechanics

Now more than ever, you need to optimize your well plans and proactively prevent potential rock mechanical challenges...


JewelSuite™ 3D GeoMechanics

As a drilling engineer responsible for controlling cost and reducing risk, you need to optimize your well plans and proactively prevent potential rock...


JewelSuite™ 4D GeoMechanics

The Baker Hughes JewelSuite 4D GeoMechanics software allows you to minimize risk and enhance reserves by simulating...

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