Improve packing efficiency and streamline operations

The TORRENT™ openhole gravel-pack (OHGP) solution combines a premium multipath gravel-pack screen, specialized ultralightweight proppant, and a reliable gravel-pack system—all backed by a full portfolio of pumping equipment and services, and modeling software—to help achieve 99%+ packing efficiency in one simplified, integrated operation.

• Overcome obstructions and simplify installation with the EXCELLPAK™ multi-path    screen
• Streamline operations and reduce HSE risk with LiteProp™ ultralightweight proppants
• Increase reliability and efficiency with the SC-XP™ gravel-pack system

Click here to learn how our TORRENT frac-pack solution helps operators create and maintain high-conductivity fractures for improved ultimate recovery.

Presentation videos from the Offshore Technology Conference 2014
TORRENT openhole
gravel-pack solution
Improve packing efficiency and streamline operations


TORRENT Openhole Gravel-Pack Solution

Ensure long-term sand control and profitable field development