Well design and construction are part of the Baker Hughes DNA. It is our nature to continue to redefine the blueprint to build better wells. We are extending the technical limits of what is possible, driving efficiency, and seeing consistent advances in safety and environmental stewardship. We are the leader in extending proven technologies to access previously untapped reservoirs, regardless of depth, reach, temperature, or pressure requirements. Our liner hangers, multilaterals, cementing solutions, and wellbore isolation systems reduce capital expenses, minimize risk, and increase reservoir connectivity.

For our customers, the benefits are more effective wells that deliver higher production rates and improved ultimate hydrocarbon recovery.

Featured Wellbore Construction Technologies

LaunchPRO™ Wireless TD Cement Head

Improve safety and reliability in deepwater cementing operations through remote launch of plugs, darts, and balls.

Cytadel ZX™ Electronically-Actuated Packer

Create a gas-tight annular seal to protect against dangerous SCP buildup while improving rigsite efficiency.

TORXS™ Expandable Liner Hanger System

Maximize wellbore integrity without the risk of becoming stuck in cement.

Neptune™ Nitrogen-Charged Subsurface
Safety Valve

Rely on fail-safe operation with redundant operating systems.

S3 FracHOOK™ Multilateral Fracturing System

Increase reservoir connectivity while minimizing environmental footprint.

X-Treme Clean™ Wellbore Cleanup and Displacement Solution

Reduce completion risk and improve well productivity.

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